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Who’s looking after your cervical health?

This Is Your Public Health Announcement..

Who is Looking after your CERVICAL health if you aren’t?

When did you last take up your screening appointment?

Was it 3 years ago was it 5.. Have you missed multiple letters inviting you for screening?

Hands up if you think yeah yeah I will later, and it goes straight to the bottom of the to-do list?

This test can simply save your life, should you develop cell changes.
Cell change is relatively common. In fact, more than 200,000 women will have them each year in the UK. If needed, the treatment is given to prevent cell changes from developing into cervical cancer, with a high success rate of about 90%

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Matt’s Story

Matt Andersen explains the dread he used to feel in the pit of his stomach at the very thought of a smear test has now gone due to his recent experience at Norton medical practice.

The 29-year-old trans man had been putting off his cervical screening appointment for the past 5 years despite being fully aware of the risks.

Matt explains that this avoidance was mainly down to fear and embarrassment, but since progressing with his transition and having a positive experience registering at his new surgery, he felt confident enough to book his over-due screen. Matt explains to Kay that this time when he headed into the surgery it was a different medical receptionist, however just like his registration there wasn’t so much as a raised eyebrow, helping Matt feel like any other patient attending the practice that day.

Matt who works for North Tees and Hartlepool hospital trust says that he would welcome some kind of training around transgender issues.  He has accessed lots of E-learning through the trust that aims to increase awareness around topics, however never anything around transgender issues.

Hart Gables offers training based on real-life experiences of social and medical transition.