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LGBT Alliance Awards 2024

Positive impact on LGBT Health

Sponsored by Catalyst

Providing a safer learning environment for LGBT students and staff

Sponsored by LGBT Advance

Creating LGBT inclusion and accessibility in the workplace

Sponsored by North Star Housing

Young person’s commitment to LGBT Inclusion

Sponsored by Cygnet Law

Local Authority Commitment to LGBT Communities

Sponsored by Recovery Connections

Volunteer Dedication Award

Tara Davison Kindness Award

In 2021 our charity was devastated by the loss of a kind and brilliant woman who supported our service for over a decade.

Tara Davison wasn’t just a part of our committee, she was a trusted friend and mentor to staff, and service users.

In honour of Tara’s legacy, we have dedicated an award to her, the ‘Tara Davison Kindness’ Award.

For us to truly understand the depths of Tara’s kindness, we’ve spoken to her wonderful daughter Brooklyn Tasia, here’s what she had to say.

“Firstly, I cannot thank Hart Gables enough for thinking of my lovely Mum and dedicating this award to her, I can’t put it into words how much this means to me, and I know it would her also.

They just aren’t enough words in the universe to demonstrate how genuine and kind my mam was, I think it speaks for itself when a kindness award was honoured in her name.

Kind was who she was, the type of kind who gave her last to strangers. She would add warmth to a room that was ice cold, her favourite hobbies included making people smile and making sure you always had a friend. Secrets were always kept, and her thoughtfulness had no limits.

Above and beyond was her kinda language and she’d be the first to speak up if something was unfair. She worked with every person from every type of background, and they were all treated as equals, because that’s just who she was. All the hours she sat helping and being KIND to people, would probably equal to another human’s life span… now only all of you who knew her would understand how true this is, and that’s why this award was honoured.

So, if you have been given this award, please believe that this means you’re a very special and extraordinary human being.

Wear this with pride and shine like our Tara D, she’d want that” ✨

On behalf of Hart Gables, we’d like to thank Brooklyn for sharing such beautiful words with us. Our thoughts are always with you, and we will forever remember and celebrate the kindness of your wonderful Mam.

This year, two ‘Tara Davison Kindness’ Awards will be presented to two exceptionally kind individuals who have actively supported our community over the past 12 months.

The funds raised from sponsorship of this award will go directly to Chachi’s Haven, a charity close to Tara’s heart.