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Transgender Day of Remembrance 2021

Every year on the 20th November we remember those that were lost to Transphobia. This year for TDoR, we asked service users to light candles and post on social media platforms to remember the people who have lost their lives to transphobia, not just this year but every year. Together with love and acceptance it will get better for everyone, regardless of gender identity or sexuality.

“You may ask why Transgender Day of Remembrance is important. Since my employment with Hart Gables in 2010 as a gender identity support worker, approximately 3485 trans and gender nonconforming people around the world have been murdered, just for being who they are. These are just the deaths that have been reported, it’s likely to be many more.

This day is to highlight and remember those we’ve lost. I strive to raise awareness that Trans people are just like you and me; trying to navigate through life, true to themselves, in a way that makes them happy.”

-Jack Cummings