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Thank you Skin Seamstress!

Earlier this month, Sian met with the lovely and talented Kim over at Skin Seamstress. In support of Pride this year Kim will be donating 100% of the proceeds made from the sale of her Rainbow Gem Hinge Segment Rings to our organisation.

We are thrilled and very grateful – Kim, thank you so much for thinking of us and our wonderful service users.

For more information, or to purchase a Rainbow Gem Hinge Segment Ring, please follow Kim’s page Skin Seamstress or see her website at:

Rainbow Gem Hinge Segment Rings.1.2 x 8mm Titanium £20 each

1.2 x 11mm Steel £20 each

All Titanium jewellery can be anodised (metal colour changed) free of charge – just ask!

Ideal for:

Left: conch Middle: septum, daith, smiley Right: helix, lobe, lip, nose, forward helix, rook, tragus, eyebrow.