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Refugee Week Blog 2020

It was Worldwide Refugee Week from 15th to 21st June.
During this week we sent out the message that we celebrate our service users who are seeking sanctuary here because of their sexuality and/or gender identity.

The theme of this year’s Refugee Week was ‘Imagine’. We at Hart Gables cannot imagine our service without our friends who are seeking asylum or are refugees. Thank you, to our service users seeking asylum, and those who have been granted leave to remain in the UK and have kept in touch with us, wherever life has taken you.
You demonstrate love, compassion and selflessness to everyone you encounter. As we have done our best to support you, you have given so much to our service and our community. Some of you have become Forum Champions, cooked Christmas dinner for over 30 of our service users, produced a booklet to support LGBT+ people seeking asylum in Middlesbrough, spoken at Hart Gables events, and above all, shown kindness, understanding and friendship to all your friends at Hart Gables.

To each and every person who has come to our service who is seeking asylum or a refugee, and become part of the ‘Hart Gables’ family – we are utterly privileged to know all of you. We will continue to fight for your rights, your right to remain in the UK, and your right to live lives free from violence, persecution and dehumanisation. We will continue to benefit from your generosity, your talent, and your enormous heart.

Thank you