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National Hate Crime Awareness Week 2021

The team would like to say a massive thank you to all those who joined us in support of National Hate Crime Awareness Week – you were all exceptional. We explored the new wave of transphobia that we are seeing online and in our communities – a narrative so dangerous it touches the lives of people locally and nationally.

‘I believe everyone has the right to live their lives the way they want to and be happy. I believe everyone was created unique and should be respected as such. It’s wrong to hate people/hurt anyone because of their sexuality or because they’re different’

‘Things seem to be getting worse. More and more people think it’s okay to hurt someone because of certain parts of who they are. The minute people stand up to it they’re called ‘snowflakes’, we need to change that. Hate crimes are criminal offences, not an over reaction’

‘In the past I have been the victim of hate crime and it made me feel like I didn’t belong. So I tried to take my own life but my friend came to help and saved me. Now I am with Hart Gables for support, now I am great, this is me’

‘I believe everyone has the right to live and love who they want. Be yourself.’

‘I want to be who I am and I am proud. Never give to hate’

‘We need to continue supporting the human rights of who we are. LGBTQ+ for real!!’

‘Because all my life I’ve been bullied by people for how I look like and how I sound like in my life history of my life’

‘Being yourself shouldn’t be a gamble. Everyone should feel safe to live’

‘I have personal experience of becoming a victim of hate crime myself. I believe everyone has the right to live and express themselves freely without the risk of being persecuted due to race, religion, disability, sexual orientation or gender identity’

‘Kindness is the most important thing’

‘Everyone has the right to feel safe and secure with who they are’