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LGBT Home Free

Our project LGBT Home Free has been developed to support some of the UKs most vulnerable and marginalised LGBT+ people who are on their journey to seek asylum.

In the space of 12 months over 20 LGBT+ people who are seeking asylum in the area have accessed Hart Gables for support. 

In that time this inspirational community have been instrumental in creating a resource that aims to help others who are LGBT+ and seeking asylum in Middlesbrough.

On the 25th July we launched the booklet at what we can only describe as very moving, powerful.

‘For LGBT asylum seekers…. LGBT support groups – play an essential role in reintegrating LGBT asylum seekers in society, while helping them cope with their traumatic experiences. For many the money and services received are essential to survive.’ (No Safe Refuge, Stonewall, 2016)

If you would like copies of the booklet to distribute, please contact us