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Good News – New creative project

We have received a small grant from Middlesbrough Council to support people living in Boro who are NEET, seeking asylum, or living in poverty or on low income, to build self-esteem and integrate with the wider community in Middlesbrough.

People will be given a platform to contribute their talents and work to enriching the local area, by working together to learn about LGBT+ culture and history locally and planning and delivering an arts exhibition for local people at a Middlesbrough venue.

Throughout lockdown the vital role of art and cultural enrichment in mental health and wellbeing has become especially evident.

‘Our evidence shows that taking part in creative activities has a positive impact on people’s mental health.’ (Gavin Clayton, one of the founders of the National Alliance for Arts)


The exhibition will also allow the wider community to learn about LGBT+ life, culture and history in the region and foster links between different groups, increasing understanding, awareness, and cohesion.


The project aims to begin next month so keep your eyes peeled!