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Thank you Josephine Butler College!

A huge thanks to Josephine Butler College for your kind donation.

As part of Josephine Butler College's (Durham University) Pride Week, a week that aims to raise awareness of LGB/T issues, break misconceptions and provide support, a karaoke charity night was held to raise money. The night had a twist  which involved paying money to nominate a person to sing, with the nominated person paying double to back out and reverse the nomination. There were a range of beverages served that also went towards donations alongside a photo stand and stalls. The evening managed to raise a lovely sum of £56.06.

"On Friday as part of my LGBT+ Awareness campaign week, I hosted a charity cocktails and karaoke event that managed to raise £56.06 that I would love to donate to Hart Gables ... the week went even better than I could have imagined with people telling me they had learned about a variety of LGBT+ issues they never thought about before ... Overall it was a fun and different start to a Friday night out in our College bar that people got behind and helped raise a great amount of money! ... I hope that this money helps you out in continuing with the amazing work that you all do". -Joss Farquhar, LGB/T student representative of Josephine Butler College, Durham University. 


We would like to say thank-you to Joss Farquhar and Josephine Butler College, of Durham University, for hosting a fantastic week of awareness and fun; as well as a huge thank you for your generous donation.

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