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Rock Against Hate

Big shout out to James!

Hart Gables would like to thank our Youth Worker James for organising the ‘Rock Against Hate’ event that raised our young people’s group £171.61 to spend on activities.

LGB/T* hate is so widespread it touches the lives of people locally and globally. As a service, our aim is to raise awareness around the seriousness of LGB/T* hate and support those who are affected by it. It’s important to recognise the hard work and effort that James has put into the event that has raised funds for our organisation, but it’s also important to highlight that our staff are dedicated to ensuring a zero-tolerance approach to hate crime and are eager to improve awareness of the issues faced by the LGB/T* community.

We’d like to thank all of the bands that played at the event and the people who attended, we hope you had an excellent time!


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