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'Behind the Eyes'

Improving emotional well being in young LGB/T people - Project Launch

According to the 2016 Youth Chances Metro Report, 42% of LGBTQ respondents report going for medical help for depression or anxiety, compared to 29% of heterosexual non-trans respondents. Over half of LGBTQ respondents (52%) report self-harming, either now or in the past. This compares to 35% of heterosexual non-trans young people. 44% of the LGBTQ respondents report having thought about suicide. This compares to 26% of heterosexual non-trans respondents.


In a recent study at Hart Gables, we found that a high percentage of young LGB/T people accessing our service suffer from poor mental health.


In light of the local and national findings which demonstrate a great need for supporting young LGB/T people and the high increase in referrals into our service, we have recently set up a project that aims to improve emotional well-being, in the form of one to one support and group work.


On April the 6th we will launch our ‘Behind the Eyes’ project, introduced by Kay, our newly recruited emotional health and well-being youth worker, inviting you and your organisation to come along and find out more.


Hart Gables want to take pressure off mental health services in the area by providing specialist support and working together to improve the lives of young LGB/T people living in Stockton and Hartlepool.  


To book a place at this event please click on the link below.


We look forward to seeing you and sharing our exciting new project with you.


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