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Terms of reference

What is the LGBT Tees Valley Forum all about?

Terms of Reference

The Vision

To celebrate diversity ensuring the Tees Valley is a place where LGBT members of society feel valued, have equal rights and are empowered to reach their optimum potential

Purpose of the Forum

In order to ensure that all LGB and /or T people are given equal life chances and have services that meet their needs, it is acknowledged that partner organisations need to work together in order to pool resources and not duplicate work currently carried out. This Forum will have the ability to effectively address priority needs, thus creating full equality for all LGB and/or T people in our local area.

The Tees Valley LGBT Forum has been established to meet the requirement of the above stated vision and this will be achieved by the agreement and implementation of the Tees Valley LGBT Forum Action Plan


The key role of the Tees Valley LGBT Forum is that of a Forum with a broad strategic overview of all the work being undertaken in the Tees Valley in relation to meeting the needs of the LGBT community and consequently improving livelihoods of LGBT people living and/or working within the Tees Valley

The broad aims of the Forum are to:

Tees Valley LGBT Action Plan

Following consultation with service users, other local services and key strategic partners, 12 fundamental priorities aims were developed around 6 themes: hate crime, same sex domestic abuse, education, poverty & financial inclusion, community cohesion and health.

The Tees Valley LGBT Action Plan will agree actions around the following priority aims:


Membership of the Forum is open to representatives of statutory agencies, Voluntary Sector Organisations (VCS) and any other Public and Private sector organisations contributing to the Forum’s vision statement and objectives.

Members will be expected to attend a minimum of 2 meetings per year in order to continue their membership

All members must complete a membership form


The Chair will be elected from within the Forum and shall serve for 2 years. Their election will take place following calls for expressions of interest.

The Chair must be able to evident the following skills, knowledge and competencies:

Roles and Responsibilities of Forum Members

All Forum members must recognise:

Decision Making

Decisions will be arrived at by majority decisions of those in attendance at the Forum meetings and recorded in the minutes of the Tees Valley LGBT Forum

Frequency of Meetings

The Forum will meet 4 times in one year (quarterly)


Hart Gables will take the minutes of all Forum meetings and will compile minutes for approval by the Chair

Hart Gables will be responsible for receiving agenda items and the distribution of the minutes of the Forum meeting

Every member of the Forum has the opportunity to place items on the agenda. Hart Gables should receive agenda items no later than 2 weeks before the date of the next meeting

Financial Arrangements

Any funding allocated to the Tees Valley LGBT Forum will be managed by Hart Gables and monitored by the Forum


Complaints should be addressed in writing to the Chair of the Tees Valley LGBT Forum and will be discussed with the Strategic Manager of Hart Gables. Any written complaints received will receive a response within 14 working days

Exit Clause

The Tees Valley LGBT Forum will be wound up if the membership consider the work has been achieved, or may alter the scope of its work as circumstances change over time, with the majority agreement of its membership

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