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Our services

At Hart Gables we offer a wide range of services and resources to support the LGBT community. We offer:

Specialised support groups

We have support groups nearly every night of the week for those who want to meet like-minded people, learn something new, make memories and form bonds that will last for life.

Each group is catered for an element of LGBT, we have a group called T-Time that focuses on Transgender needs and issues, a youth group called Born 2 Be, we also have groups for all such as Cloud 9.

If you would like to know more about our groups and what they do, check out our Support Groups page or contact us.

“The friends I made in such a short space of time I have come to know as my second family and they support me each day, I am very grateful to Hart Gables for making me feel part of a true community.”


One to one support

Each person that comes to us has their own unique journey with their own issues and experiences. We offer one to one support in a safe, confidential space to help with their journey’s progression whether it’s about coming out, relationship issues or a general catch-up. If you are interested in booking a one to one session, please contact us.  


“Coming out has helped heal my mental health”



To help people broaden their journey, we can offer opportunities to have voices heard. Dealing with some issues can be hard on your own, we can help by listening, giving optional routes and referrals, as well as support through appointments and meetings. Contact us if you would like more information on this service.


Domestic Abuse and Violence Service

The aims of Hart Gables include reducing incidents and improve the reporting of same sex domestic abuse. We ensure that victims feel supported, empowered and have access to the appropriate services to provide the best possible outcomes.


Hate Crime Service and Third Party Reporting Centre

We are a Third Party Reporting Centre which means anyone can come to us and report an incident of Hate Crime and we will provide support towards the desired outcome.  

We are working with the LGBT Fed to provide Hate Crime Advocates through the Help Not Hassle project.  


Training and workshops

We provide tailored workshops and awareness sessions based on the needs of the LGBT community. If you feel your organisation would benefit from our awareness training and/or workshops, please contact us and we can tailor the training to suit you. We also have our enterprise, LGBT Advance - Training and Consultancy.

Feedback from Trainee Police Officers attending barriers to reporting training:

“The visit from the guest speaker was really beneficial. Gave us great insight into her life and difficulties faced. This has allowed us to consider difficulties people may face when reporting to the police.” ★★★ 3/3 Excellent

“(I learned a) wide range of categories and where support can be sourced. If I attend an incident I will understand better, LGBT in relation to hate crimes and what support can be given.” ★★★ 3/3 Excellent

“(I) had never heard of Hart Gables so (I) now have (an) understanding of what they do. If no police intervention is needed I now know who I can sign post people too.” ★★★ 3/3 Excellent


Family support

It can be difficult at times for LGBT individuals as well as their families. We offer one to one support for families to help raise understanding and acceptance. If this is something you are interested in please contact us and keep an eye on our website and social media for updates.


“This service has helped me to embrace my gender identity and sexuality over the past year and a half. I wouldn’t be the confident and strong person I am today without them.”


Outreach work

We believe networking and developing strong relationships with other organisations are key to supporting the LGBT community. This allows us to widen our support, raise awareness and have our voices be heard. By building strong links it’s easier to work together to enable all people LGBT equal opportunities in life.


Volunteer Opportunities

As a small team with a big workload we rely upon volunteers to help us run smoothly. If you are interested in being a part of Hart Gables and helping the LGBT community, contact us or check out our volunteering page.


Sexual Health Advice and Condom Distribution

As a service, we are able to give anyone aged 15 and under free condoms as part of the C-Card scheme. As part of this we can offer discreet chlamydia tests, condom demonstrations and safe sex advice.

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