Age With Pride was a research project looking into the needs of elderly LGBT clients in Middlesbrough Care Homes and the wider older LGBT community.

Moving into sheltered housing or a care home as an older LGBT person may be a lonely or isolating experience. Research suggests older LGBT people are more likely to experience loneliness in old age.

The project aimed to give Middlesbrough’s older LGBT community a voice, alongside offering professionals a chance to listen, in a bid to create a better and more inclusive set of services for a very isolated group of people.

The project aims were;

  • Act as a support group for LGBT residents
  • Act as a sounding board for LGBT issues
  • Support care homes and organisations to deliver inclusive services for LGBT residents
  • Challenge poor practice and tackle discrimination
  • Consult with Middlesbrough’s older LGBT community and staff members
  • Provide one to one emotional support
  • Provide online and letter based support
  • Provide advocacy support
  • Raise awareness surrounding loneliness amongst the older LGBT community in Middlesbrough and other issues

Our worker, Andrew Towers, lead this project and gained access to the older LGBT Community. After being welcomed in to a number of Middlesbrough based care homes to provide activities for staff and residents, Andrew created a report and hosted an event to present the findings. If you’re interested in this document contact us.

Age With Pride has inspired us to create a training package specific to Care Homes to help them prepare and support the LGBT community. If you’re interested in this package visit

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